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Pro-Active Distribution Ltd. is currently representing the following companies in Ireland.



Castle Office Contracts (2008)(Contract Cleaning company. Servicing companies throughout Ireland)

Cashguard Ireland (2011)

Knights Group (2013)



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"We build and support your target market"


No matter how good a product is, or the potential a company has to  succeed  in a  particular market, quality individuals and strong partners are required to promote and sell your product and grow revenue. Whether you are an established company with a recognised product or a new venture trying to penetrate a market for the first time, Pro-Active Distribution is the smart, logical choice in a partnership that matters.



Penetration of market? Customer identification? Introduction and promotion of your company? Presentation of your product/solutions? Building customer relationships? Supporting your solutions in your market? We are doing it for others, we can do it for you - all at an affordable cost. From lead generation to interfacing with potential clients and closing opportunities, our goal is to increase your revenue.

Incorporated in December 2003 and located in Dublin Ireland, Pro-Active Distribution offers a solid foundation and base for organisations to pilot their solutions in a single country or launch into the larger European market. We have the sales and marketing experience in solution selling to guarantee your revenue growth regardless of what industry you are involved in!


Pro-Active Distribution offers companies an alternative to traditional revenue generation methods. A company will take great risk and expense when hiring individuals to represent their company and are often disappointed with the lack of results or initiative employed. Pro-Active provides companies with a set cost per month for sales generation. There are no additional management or office costs. Every company is unique and the contracts are based on the sales revenue, profit targets and goals that need to be achieved. The key is covering the costs of the contract in as short a time as possible, with the objective of ongoing benefit arising from increased revenue and profit from sales. The people who work for Pro-Active are seasoned professionals with proven track records across multiple market segments.

Why waste your money and time on inexperience when you can work with a highly skilled proven individual, or team of experts at an affordable cost.